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Save Baby visual reminder / ALERT for inside the vehicle for drivers that transport Children and or Pets, visually reminding them to check the vehicle for children or pet before walking away.  They are a VISUAL ALERT to others outside the vehicle alerting others to check parked vehicles. A help to all hopefully
prevent HOT CAR DEATHS of Children and Pets
Save Baby! Reminder/ Alert :

Are a driver reminder / ALERT product of 6 special to be used inside and outside vehicles. 

When they are placed where the Driver can see them at all times, they help remind to always check for a sleeping Child or Pet before walking away from the vehicle so that no Child or Pet is left in a hot or cold vehicle.

Posistioned in the right places inside and outside the vehicles, they are a pleasant but clear and constant reminder.

Save Baby stay where they are put. They can also be re-positioned as needed.

Save Baby when placed on the outside of a vehicle are a reminder to the driver again and an ALERT to those passing by, prompting all to CHECK parked vehicles and vehicles involved in an accident for possible Child or Pet.

​Save Baby are also an ALERT to Emergency Responders in the event of an accident to check for children and or pets in the vehicle. 

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 It is NEVER ok to leave children that are
 asleep or awake unattended in a vehicle. Always 
 take children with you. 

 If you can not take a pet with you, park in the
 shade and leave 2 windows down for air for them
 but take them with you when possible.
An ALERT that can help us all keep children and pets safe. 
Let's do all we can to prevent hot car deaths from happening 
​     Life can be hectic and these simple reminders can help prevent a tragedy 
Adopt a Pet today, So many need your loving care and they have so much love to give.

There are thousands of precious Children who need a FOREVER home too and they just love dogs and cats.

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We write notes to remind ourselves that we need to pick up milk or drop off books, go to the bank, etc. So look at Save Baby reminder / alert as a constant visual note to remind busy drivers to be sure they are not overlooking a sleeping child or pet in the vehicle. A reminder ALERT for all.