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                       Save Baby TM  ALERTS 

    PREVENT HOT CAR DEATHS of Children and Pets.
                                                            These products can help 

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         It is NEVER OK  to leave
               Children and Pets that are  
               asleep or awake unattended in
               a vehicle. It is always best to
               take the Children with you. It is 
               always best to never take a chance.

               If you can not take a pet with
               you, park in the shade and
               leave 2 windows down for air,
               but take them with you whenever
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HomeHow It WorksUsesCustomStore openThe FactsWholesaleContact Us

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Keeping them safe and well is what it is all about
2019 (as of September),  pediatric vehicular heatstroke deaths of children, 40  

2018 pediatric vehicular  heatstroke deaths, 52. 

Child heatstroke deaths since 1998: 843 as of September of 2019. 

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