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to use on every vehicle 
    used to transport
 children and or pets.
They stay where they are put, in HOT and COLD weather.
Easy to place and

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HomeHow It WorksUsesCustomStore openThe FactsWholesale

Simply STICK THEM where they are a constant visual reminder for the driver inside the vehicle and outside the vehicle as shown here below.  

Save Baby stay where they are put for as long as needed in hot and cold temperatures.

By placing the thumb size on the Steering Wheel and one larger decal on the inside driver door panel, the driver then has a constant visual reminder while driving and upon getting out of the vehicle to check to be sure before walking away.  

When you see this on a parked vehicle, it means that the driver is being extra careful and it is an invitation to those going by to check to be sure that there is not a child or pet in danger . 

                                                             It doesn't hurt to be reminded
New parent, grand parent, pet parent, childcare provider, bus driver, for everyone who transports children and pets in any way to any extent it is good to have reminders. With so much responsibility in this stress filled world and especially concerning the safety and wellness of our children and pets, a reminder can not hurt. Forgetting can be devastating. There Is peace of mind in knowing your doing everything you can. 
Thumb size for steering wheel
Magnetized for outside the vehicle, Cling for inside. 
They will not hurt the vehicle, they are a magnet.

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