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Retailers: Product description: Ziploc hang bag includes this insert shown below with a full front and back side and easy to follow instructions are also included. Package includes 6 full color Save Baby reminder / alerts.  Package size is 8 1/2" x 4" .  This product has universal appeal and importance. When you carry this product you are helping your business profits and also helping kids. Please contact us for wholesale pricing. 
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Hospitals and Birthing Centers:  When you include Save Baby in your Maternity Ward take home gift baskets,  your facility Is helping little ones that cant speak for themselves. This product reminds and alerts busy, stressed adults such as new parents and grandparents. Package size is 8 1/2" x 4" These simple easy to use Reminder & Alerts are designed to be a help for new parents and grandparents and everyone to keep children safe from HOT CAR death. Save Baby helps everyone keep their precious little ones safe.  A reminder does not hurt., being over looked or forgotten does. Please join us in this cause.
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Fundraising: When you offer this product during your fundraiser it serves many purposes by not only raising money for your cause but also getting this very important product into as many hands as possible. 
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